We are a group a Catholic missionaries, called to transmit the joy of having known and experienced the love of Christ in our lives. And because of this we feel a great need to live authentically and to practice the Gospel in our daily lives.

We believe that God manifests himself in different ways and every person is capable of transmitting this great love of God by being docile and putting each gift and talent received at the service of one’s neighbor.

To transmit the word of God means to be an authentic follower of Jesus Christ, capable of recognizing one’s own weaknesses, being humble and letting oneself be loved by Him. And in this way, God will act and transform the hearts of each person He places in our path.

Therefore, conscious of the thirst of God that exists in the world today and of our commitment as missionaries to help in the evangelizing task of the Church, in every moment we promote the desire to live an evangelizing life in accordance with the commandment of love that Christ left us, “Love one another”. We are strengthened by the community, and by living as brothers and sisters, always showing charity and fraternity between ourselves.

In Mission Maya we support different organizations and religious congregations. We are called to serve and collaborate together, to fulfill the mission of the Church, so each person may reach heaven.