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If you are under age, you should attach a parental permisson slip.

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You can also download the application form in PDF format and print it to fill it with handwritting.

1. Personal Information

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Escribir Nombre completo y teléfono con LADA

Code of conduct

1. Each missionary or volunteer is required to comply with conduct regulations during their stay in Mexico.
2. Always wear the required missionary uniform.
3. Make responsible use of the material provided by “Misión Maya”.
4. Always work with a positive and enthusiastic attitude in all of the activities.
5. Respect de shedule and permits as indicated by the responsible people of “Misión Maya.”
6. Always obey the ones in charge of “Misión Maya.”
7. Comply with all the commitments and responsabilities assigned during the mission.
8. Always beware of your safety avoiding exposure to danger or insecure situations.
9. Be aware that your contribution to the mission is gratuitous and selfless; nobody will recive or expect to receive any kind of payment or consideration.
10. Missionaries that fail to comply the conduct regulations will be sent back home.